Thursday, January 15, 2009


It is so nice to come home to my Ubuntu laptop. Like slipping on a pair of comfy slippers and is so wonderful after having to work on the horribly temperamental Windows XP all day. What's more frustrating is having to deal with basically everything changed on Word and Excel. If you navigated with keystrokes (versus the mouse), you're screwed (as far as I know).

I will re-learn Office some day, but right now it's easier to use Open Office, which is pretty much like the old Office. And it's free. And of course the Linux never crashes, unlike the common Window's Send Error Report message on everything Windows. The day that I never have to use Windows again will be a good day.

Another day where I saw blue sky for about ninety seconds. Nary a free minute, although I did go to the dentist. And strangly enough, I found the prying of my teeth with sharp dental instruments to be oddly satisfying.But I took my camera, so you will probably see more of these pictures. This one is outside of my new dentist's office about six blocks from my home. An old fifties style medical arts building with little offices mostly dentists.

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