Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today was a day of organizing a local speaker to talk about heirloom vegetables and the seed gathering. It will be held Village Books next Staurday. Then in a few weeks we'll be having a seed swap in Bellingham - the first annual. Today was a tea: about five minutes of business followed by a few hours of eating, drinking tea and socializing. My unwritten rule-of-thumb is no more than one meeting per activity with this group. I get mired in enough meetings to want to inflict more upon myself. A loose group of people that are interested in urban gardening, and all sorts of things diverging from that, except having meetings.

And an interesting tidbit from an e-mail I received tonight:
Pierce County's very own Carrie Anne Little is in the running, along with nineteen other farmers nationwide, in a campaign called "Eat the View!", which will urge the Obamas to plant a large organic Victory Garden on the First Lawn, and to appoint an official White House Farmer. The White House Farmer would be responsible for plowing up the existing lawn and planting and maintaining an organic garden, which would serve the White House kitchen as well as local food banks, as well as promoting organic and local farming nationwide. Carrie Little is the owner and proprietor of Mother Earth Farm, located on 8 acres of farmland in Orting. She and Mother Earth Farm have been working with Emergencv Food Network since 2000. The entire production at the farm is given to local food banks. In 2007, Mother Earth Farm provided more than 162,000 pounds of organic, locally grown produce, herbs and honey to our neighbors in need. Vote for Carrie – she epitomizes public service, and deserves to be recognized for all her hard work on behalf of those less fortunate among us.

This is basically what we are doing. Maybe Mr. Obama does have a grasp of the potential severity of things.

And in case I forget tomorrow, it is my 500th post on this web blog. For what? I guess some day I hope to write for pleasure. Writing for business is generally flat and dry, and wandering around the keyboard every night for a fw minutes always keeps my mind nimble, versus the more analytical, structured business writing. I have stories of travels all over in journals that I hope to someday revise and do something with.