Monday, December 24, 2007


Today was a day back on bikes and freedom. So my cruiser (the one in the background) is in dire need of bottom bracket attention, so I rode the classic Schwinn (foreground) to the bike store for a special wrench (and he let me borrow another, um, thing to remove the piece). Then to Hardware Sales, a Bellingham Institution, for an 8mm allen wrench. The poor bike groans and wheezes with every pedal stroke.

And being it was a beautiful day (forties and sun) I took the motorbike of for a jaunt about and around Bellingham, visit, and top off the gas tank. Wunderbar! Once I get comfortable with its workings and temperments, I look forward to four-day trips in the summertime. I haven't been out on it since Thanksgiving, so it was fun.

Then to see I'm Not There. Very creatively done and a real surprise. One would assume it was about Dylan, although the name was never mentioned (each stage of his life was portrayed by both a different actor...or actress with different names). It is mostly Dylan tunes and labeled as a biopic. After seeing this picture, the overwhelming desire to smoke a cigarette overtook me. See the movie and you'll understand.

So I rode out on my ailing bike out along the bay (a beautiful night at 40 degree and moonlight) past Eldridge and out Marine Drive on the way to the Lummi Nation (but not nearly that far). I stopped at a convenience store to by a pack of unfiltered Camels, smoked one, got a cool nicotine headrush and rode home. I forgot I don't really smoke, so the Camels went in a drawer until god-knows-when.

Merry Christmas.

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