Saturday, December 1, 2007


So first, the New Riders concert was absolutely tremendous. Nothing like seeing an old hippie band in an old hippie town. Definitely recharging. I need to go to the Wild Buffalo a bit more. And the band still has spunk left and the vibes were cool.

And then off to the beautiful climes of our great northern neighbor to visit a friend. Up in the wondrous Port Moody area that begins to climb into the Canadian Coast Range (or whatever they call those jagged mountains that you can see from Bellingham). And unfortunately I brought the weather back with me. Northeast winds and snow from British Columbia and although it's twenty-seven degrees at BLI, it's f*$%&#g cold here. (Sorry about the expletive.) And I've lived in some cold places.

Speaking of cold, here is a camera link from the Bellingham Cold Storage of G Dock, Gate Three at Squalicum Harbor.

So I took the rental car back to and need to rent one again this Thursday to go back to BC. So I figure I have five rental days a month before it costs more than my old, paid-for, '98 vee-dub. And wow, did gas become expensive in the few months that I haven't been driving. Although I could've had the rental for the weekend, I got rid of it this morning, after not really feeling like dealing with the it the rest of the weekend. And besides, it was a Pontiac G6 and I felt like I was driving in a coffin.

Tonight was a gallery walk, but I did laundry instead. And read. And slept. But not really the work I should have. Tomorrow is another day. The snow kept me inside. You would be amazed how a few inches of ice and snow will shut Bellingham down. We don't even have snow plows here. Sold them to Seattle. I am not kidding when I say a five-foot snowstorm in Lake Tahoe was nothing compared to a few inches of icy snow here in B'ham. Funny.

And although I rarely, if ever, let television dictate my life, Taxi Driver was tonight's movie on the only channel I receive, and offered one more reason to stay inside.

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