Saturday, December 15, 2007


More of the same. Dreary weather. Rain, but later dry but still cloudy. It never seems to be overcast here, yet always cloudy. And beautiful, with many times the hills being lost by the low clouds.

We didn't fly to the islands today because it was windy and the cloud ceiling was about fifteen feet. So we got together at my place for some coffee and breakfast and we caught up, as I hadn't seen him in almost a year. It was good to spend hours in conversation with one of the many interesting and dynamic people I know here in Bellingham.

With daylight lasting about ninety minutes on a Bellingham winter day, it was getting dark when I decided to run errands, which was not much more than going to get a Charlie Parker CD at the library and a book on the salmon industry, and going for a bike ride to mitigate any cabin fever symptoms. Then to a coffee shop to sit in front of a fireplace, get warm and read.

In the picture, if you look down this road, I live at the end on the left. This picture, I too tried to lighten with a photo editor, but to no avail. I personally find the York, Sunnyland (where I hang my hat), and Lettered Streets neighborhoods to be the funkiest in town. This picture is looking down towards the southern part of Sunnyland towards town. At this time of year, what a silly name Sunnyland is!

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