Sunday, December 2, 2007


Okay, so a little bit of Bellingham history of the houses across the street. The house on the left in this picture was the foreman of the mill in town when these houses were built in the early 1900's. The one the right was the sister of the mill owner. Yesterday's picture shows this same house and the one to the right of this one (in yesterday's picture) is of the the mill owner. They are all basically the same house. The one in the center is three rental units (or maybe two) while the others are single family homes - both owned by wonderful people incidentally, and lifelong residents of Bellingham.

So the wind clocked around from the south today and with it brought warm winds, rain (imagine that), and a fifteen degree increase in temperature. So the snow is gone, but not enough motivated me to leave the house today...until the desire for chocolate arose. Some people walk to the store for a six pack or smokes - I go out for chocolate. So I walked down the street and that was the extent of my adventures for the day. On top of that, they gave me an extra (and fancy) chocolate bar. I felt like Charlie Bucket.

And then there is the ominous work hanging over you like the low clouds. And stripping some of the wood in my front room - the project for the winter, and hopefully my goal of redoing one room per year in this house. Since I am not buying any toys from China this Christmas, I will need to get my lead from another source. So chances are there is some in this paint that I am stripping with the heat gun. It is surprisingly therapeutic and the wood (cedar maybe? or fir?) has a warm glow and smells wonderful.

Where did this weekend go?

Your rain falls like crazy fingers
Peals of fragile thunder keeping time
Recall the days that still are to come
Some sing blue
- R. Hunter

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