Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Here is a picture of one of many cars I've wrecked in my life. I came across it on this computer. One of the many incidents in my life for which I should not be alive. I wrecked more cars than some people will own, so maybe it's good that I no longer drive. But seeing this picture and what-could-have-been made me happy to be able to live my humble life in a pretty cool town. A day with a bit of gratitude.

But this little white car was the one that me and Montana Bob drove cross country in back in '87 with nary a break. We drove straight through. Straight through a blizzard on I-70 west of Denver in the the Rockies that dumped a few feet on the ground and closed Stapleton. And we had bald summer tires on that little car, and made Scranton, PA to L.A. in around fifty-two hours. I have only met a few people in my life that have made it coast to coast in that time. I can never do it again. Actually, I could and I have (although not entirely coast to coast).

Otherwise, not much going on tonight, just working and wondering how frightening it is that I am referencing the Book of Answers for some of my life's really important decisions.

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