Wednesday, December 26, 2007


This picture was taken driving up to Mount Baker back in September. I cannot wait to get back up there once the weather breaks. I hear they are having a killer winter, but I got a bit spoiled living less than five minutes from the Stagecoach lift at Heavenly, so driving an hour or two to Mt. Baker - well I guess I don't enjoy skiing that much. I definitely look forward to hiking and camping this year though, and riding my motorbike up Rt. 542. .

I don't have a whole lot of time to write more, as an hour's worth of work was lost on Excel and need to get something done. What a shoddy product Microsoft repeatedly puts out. The next computer will be an Apple even if I need to sell plasma to afford it. Fourteen-plus years of crappy products is enough.

And I am fending off a sickness. So tomorrow I sleep in and hopefully not be grumpy tomorrow when I write. Snow tomorrow and currently one degree Celsius. At least the solstice was last week so we have crossed that path into the sun setting a tad bit later.

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