Monday, December 10, 2007

Stella Blue

This is my old sailboat that I spent many (or pretty much all) summer weekends from 1998 through 2004 plying the coasts (and quite a bit of open water also) of magnificent Lake Erie and the islands, especially Kelley's Island. But that old Catalina 25 is history and many more sailing opportunities await this summer. I really don't need a boat, just a friend with one.

And I'd like to build up my sailing skills and possibly some offshore cruising. My dream is to cross the Pacific within five years. On someone else's boat, of course. For the price of the upkeep on this 25-foot boat, I could've chartered a three-year old Beneteau 311 for three and maybe four weeks. But I did love Stella Blue and became a seasoned sailor on her sailing the sometimes placid, sometimes tempestuous, waters of this shallow, yet great lake.

So today, after a highly productive day, I went out to see the band I sat in with last week. Good thing that I did not take my gutbucket, as the leader of the band felt it wouldn't be prudent if I sat in with them (bar owner would not've been happy.). No biggie on my end. So I listened for a bit, had a drink, came back home, and lamented the fact that I need to be at a nine o'clock meeting tomorrow morning. Guess things aren't so bad.

Makes me think of a country music lyric:
"I've got a few good friends and my bills are paid
I got the moon and stars above and I've got it made"
-John Anderson

Off to Leavenworth in a few weeks, and maybe San Fran in January. Woo hoo!

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