Wednesday, December 12, 2007


This mighty ribbon of progress separates Bellingham like the cut of a scalpel. And this picture is from the bike overpass less than a mile from my home looking south towards Seattle, Portland and San Diego. To the north about 25km is Canada. And about two hundred miles south is where the flooding occurred last week.

So I decided to not shower or shave or change clothes until someone commented on my appearance. No one has so far, and I am feeling rather grungy. I might concede.

Another dreary, yet beautiful day. I was recently told the weather in Bellingham is crummier than the weather even in Seattle. I would hate to be stuck in a house all winter. That would drive me batty. Fortunately, there are a ton of things to do here in Bellingham, and the city is my living room. Wednesdays I volunteer at the food bank, which has turned out to be a lot of fun every week. I needed to laugh, as today I filed my divorce papers.

Let me emote...

"Here beside him stands a man
a soldier by the looks of him
who came through many fights
but lost at love"
- Robert Hunter

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