Friday, December 7, 2007


So today I worked and forgot to pack a lunch and didn't really have any time to get a sandwich, but still managed to get totally jacked up on caffeine all day without eating. So when I finally did get some dinner with friends tonight, I became nourished and re-energized. So getting back onto the bike trail, I took a left instead of a right and rode a mile or two up to Lake Whatcom. Then back down the hill and rode all over town. Over to Sunnyland and then Columbia and beyond, then through town down to see a friend that might be out playing at a band in Fairhaven, but it turned out it was at a bar near my house. I stopped in there too, but he wasn't there. So (although the bar was crowded and it looked fun and I knew the band members sort of) I headed home. (The picture above was taken many weeks ago.)

Here are maps of the bike path: 120kb little file or 2.2mb big file. (The long green curvy trail takes you from near the house up to the shore of the lake.)

Speaking of bands and bars, the gutbucket bass went over quite nicely. Good enough to get invited back to sit in on a few songs next Monday at the Boundary Bay! Very, very good musicians, so I felt grateful for being able to play with them. And it was funny riding through the streets of Bellingham with this 17-gallon wash tub strapped to my back. One guy took my picture. This a funny town.

And I would love for nothing more than to sleep until noon tomorrow, but I will probably be up at eight.

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