Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Sustained twenty-five know winds from the SSE today. I was out riding into a headwind on the way to my destination (being a very roundabout way to the coffee shop to read), and a great tailwind coming home from Fairhaven. This picture taken (in a time long ago...summer) of the bike path I rode tonight and was literally blown the entire length by a tailwind. No pedaling. No kidding. I was so amazed I turned around and rode back the entire length and did it again. The second time the wind blew me even farther along. Almost to the coffee shop.

Then up to Boundary Bay to see an acoustic band. And after they were done, I asked them if they needed a gut bucket bass player to sit in for a few songs at their Thursday gig and they said yes. Cool. I am sure you will heart more of this. I've played before with established bluegrass musicians in Kentucky. (Actually it was Cincinnati, but KY was right across the river.) And they asked me back, so I guess I held my own.

I also met with my fishermen friends and it looks like I am committed to two weeks helping them launch their business in Kaltag, Alaska. This place is literally in the middle of nowhere. No road access at all. Only boat or float plane. I cannot wait.

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