Sunday, December 30, 2007


Today we made the roughly twenty-five mile passage to Orcas Island. Winds sustained twenty-five gusting to forty or so. We had generally favorable winds throughout the trip, and flew the full main with the 110 headsail, sometimes thinking we had too much sail, but most of the time just right.

If you look hard at the picture you can see some blue, so today could qualify for being party sunny. And that was the extent of it. Coming home sore and wind burned from the funky winds of the Puget Sound was all worth it though. Dinner on the island, and then returning to Bellingham via ferry, which always makes me feel like a little kid.

I will write more later, as it is very late and I am beat, and today was indeed a top notch day:
One of the highlight days of life in Bellingham. And it only took seven layers. (But I was still chilly. Who cares?)

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