Monday, December 17, 2007


Today I finished my Christmas cards. So if you don't get one within the week, it's either lost in the mail or I ran out of steam. And I am finally sending back the books I borrowed from people last month, and another one from eighteen months ago. Oops.

Much is planned for the next few weeks, and it is nice living in a town where lots of people are on the move and coming from and going to Alaska, Mexico, Asia, East Coast, there are plenty of holiday parties going on. Possibly more than I've attended in years. Grand. And this weekend it is off to a little town in the Cascades with a friend from BC. Très Bien!

But tonight, I am just enjoying a nice night in front of the gas fireplace after a day of some progress on the work and personal front and realizing while I was sitting at a quasi-business meeting this evening that if you're going to wear the same shirt for four days straight, be very mindful of food stains, especially if the shirt is navy blue chamois. But it is sooo comfortable.

And I cannot get over how excellent a musician Charlie Parker is.

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