Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The neighbor across the street goes crazy on the Christmas decorations and it is so nice to see them upon arriving home at night. But they are wonderful people and I wish I knew them better. I've heard of a bygone era when neighbors used to stop by and visit one another with regularity. I hope to do that again once the seasons change, as I am surrounded by some nice people.

Today I made my semi-annual pilgrimage to K-mart, an institution for which I will always possess a deep fondness. I began my illustrious business career at this fine bastion of capitalism whose business model has unfortunately wilted in the wake of those that are sleeker and leaner and meaner. But at least the smell of a K-mart hasn't changed in twenty-five years.

I bought two things to get me through the winter: Vitamin D and thermal shirts. The former a friend suggested I get, as most people in the PacNW are deficient in this; the latter was of my own doing, as I found a layer of a thermal shirt makes a world of difference. Wow, maybe what I construed as hipness actually serves a true purpose: T-shirt over these thermal shirts.

And the electric bill came in at $56 this month, so it is time to turn the heat down a bit more. I've grown to realize that I am always going to be cold in Bellingham in the damp winter, except for two places: a client's in Fairhaven where the first think I do upon arriving is open the window, and the coffee shop that has the fireplace (where I just came from). Today it was a rainy day, and I met some other 'hamster cyclers sitting in front of the fire drying out drinking coffee.

And I realize I am typing so much because I put the telly back in the garage as watching it was boring me, and there were no good eight o'clock movies on the rest of this month.

Oops. Low battery, Neil Young CD needs to be changed ( I hadn't listened to this one for years, literally). Tea is on. Gotta run.

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