Thursday, December 6, 2007


So I am getting ready to (somehow) fasten this big washtub bass to my back to ride my bike over to the Green Frog/Acoustic Tavern. It's only about a mile or so away, and I could really stay inside and go to bed. I've been up since six a.m., and I realize some people get up at this time every day. But I do not. Tomorrow I can sleep in. I think tomorrow is Friday.

Today was an amazing day of sun and no clouds, but again the chill accompanied the clear day as it usually does. I spent the afternoon in the coffee shop in front of the fireplace working on my laptop (thanks to my new battery that gives me this freedom). Then to a networking function, but since I really am not looking for new clients, it is mostly just to see some of the business people that I've met in this town.

Oh, and here is another 1975 BMW R60/6 for sale just down the road. Just like mine. Tempting. Sort of like when you buy a second dog for the first one to play with.

Gotta run. The music beckons.

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