Sunday, December 23, 2007


It is good to be back in Drearyham. The snow was beautiful, and it was a very fun time in spite of its shortness, it seemed much longer than the thirty or so hours we were gone. Leavenworth is a cute little town, and although it is being overrun by tourists (including us) still retains charm. However, I would rather visit on a very quiet time, versus the high season. Throngs of Seattle-ites cast this amped-up energy upon the village of everyone in a hurry to go nowhere fast. And I won't even get into the huge home-equity extractions they drive. I realize in the time that I've lived in Bellingham, I've gladly adjusted to a more mellow lifestyle. Thank god. (Don't get me wrong, Bellingham a acquiring these uppity types, but they get sucked into the suburbs and never venture further beyond their subdivision than the neighborhood strip mall.)

Fortunately, we stayed at a B&B a few miles away from the maddening crowds, and had gracious hosts, as well as some cool other guests. It is sort of odd sitting around a table with total strangers having just woken up. But the most relaxing part was staying at this inn right on the Wenatchee River. It was a newer house, but other than that (I prefer older) was a place at which I could've stayed for quite a few days to unwind.

And I got a CD at the library last week: The Weepies. I liked the cover art as I was walking by (so I picked it up with a Charlie Parker disc), and they turned out to be a great folksy-type band and I've found myself taking a liking to.

I cannot wait to get back on my bike tomorrow.

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