Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wind II

In all the excitement of yesterday, I forgot that I was sick. So today was a day of doing little and the being aware of the sore muscles used for sailing that are not commonly used in my daily life. Although my sailing in the San Juans has been very limited, crossing to Orcas yesterday opened a whole new door for me and reawakened my love of sailing. (For now, at least.) Passing between these wondrous islands through narrow passes teeming with birds. The solitude was also great, but I doubt this same sensation exists in the summer when the weather is more favorable and the boaters are out en masse.

And I came to the realization yesterday that (no matter how hard I try) I will be damp and chilly in Bellingham for most of the winter. Even in the warmest places, there still seems to be the permeating moist bay air. And I found that salt retains moisture, so that is probably a contributing factors. But I've come to realize and accept these chilly winters as fact, and it's quite alright.

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