Thursday, December 13, 2007


I finally found a use for the television. It can be used to dry my wet biking gear.

A few friends and I had a discussion last night about the two types of people that move to Bellingham. I decided to erase the mini-rant I went of on regarding the one type, but it included such words as Seattle, BC, California, snout houses, subdivisions, many more cloudy days, cable television, nails in a mental coffin, etc.

But here was the good type of Bellinghamsters: Then there are the people that get drawn to Bellingham and nurture the cool vibe that flows throughout this town, regardless of age. I've never felt it anywhere I've ever lived. (But then again I've never lived anywhere in my life with cycling being my sole means of transportation.)

It was a day of biking in the steady rain (not drizzle, make note), but it was incredibly refreshing. And I do not know why, but no one wears Bean Boots in this town. I guess they are an east coast phenomenon, and only one other person that I know (from NJ) is familiar with them. But they are a perfect match for this town. Maybe I will run through the streets telling people.

After another salmon steak for dinner tonight, I hoped that I never tire of eating it. Oh and here is a really cool video.

I can take a breather tonight...all these projects got finished up, cripes, until tomorrow at nine a.m. But this will be a weekend to bum around. Go out a night or two. See a movie. Read. Oh, and remaining Christmas cards.

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