Thursday, December 20, 2007


I volunteer with a local group that works towards economically sustainable growth - both locally and nationally. One goal is to establish a Peak Oil Task Force within the city, similar to what was done in 2006 in Portland.

So we held a meeting at my place followed by a social pot luck. And it was a fun, fun time. Everyone made dishes and brought the most wonderful food. All were vegetarian, some vegan. All made from scratch. Yummy. And all around a good time and the most people I've ever had in my home. I hope to do that again. Now I am sitting here awestruck by listening to a Charlie Parker disk and having repeatedly listened to it again and again. I do not think a word exists to describe him. He plays sax like Faulkner writes. Well maybe not. Faulkner plods along mercilessly and relentlessly while Parker flits around like a warbler high in an elm tree on an August afternoon.

But the picture above is all the garbage that we created tonight at the gathering. Tons of food were brought in real dishes, and the rest of the remains were composted or recycled. And I even brought out the guest silverware; I do not think that I own two matching forks.

Hours later the room still reverberates with cool vibes. And music.

And hopefully tomorrow I will write about Sherman, the little mouse friend that I recently named and is becoming a bit more ballsy.

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