Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Not a very exciting day on the personal level. Didn't shower. Worked. Conference calls. A few errands. Average amounts of coffee. Then off to the food bank to help bag rice into the evening.

Later tonight when I went out to the garage I had another episode: It begins when I catch a whiff of the gas and oil smell of the R60/6 while shining the gas tank, and it ends up with me on my back trying to shine and get at the most intricate little nooks and grooves to get the grease and dirt out. These episodes usually last an hour.

I might take the BMW out this weekend, but it will be cold and yes I am a wuss. We'll see. A fellow former East Coaster told me that BMW motorbikes are called Beemers while the autos are called Bimmers. Good to know, I guess.

But tomorrow is a busy day where I get to wear a bow tie and navy blazer and go out and have fun . Then on to sit in on the washtub bass at the Green Frog. There is a very good chance I may not write tomorrow.

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