Saturday, December 8, 2007


Today I was supposed to do one thing: visit a friend's coffee shop open house. But I didn't make it to that. Oops. And I really wanted to go. But I did bike to La Vie En Rose to get a wonderful cake for a wonderful dinner party I went to in Sudden Valley.

It was sunny but cold today, but the clouds and ten or fifteen degrees of added warmth will return. I never thought I'd be welcoming the clouds and drizzle, but being in the forties is far more comfortable than the thirties. And the forties are more normal temps too for around here.

This picture to the right is the on the gillnetter in early October. Only two months ago yet it seems such a long time back.

I did get ten-plus hours if sleep, so that was good, although tonight I am tired as I slept too much. So I will sign off and get more sleep.

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